What We Do

JHub is a vibrant centre, providing resources, development, training and events as well as space for people to work, meet and learn. Numerous organisations and individuals receive support in the form of:

  • Residency - for emerging organisations committed to social change

  • Micro Grants - to provide individuals and projects with seed-funding, advice and assistance

  • Training Seminars - to build skills and knowledge

  • Campaigns - to give a Jewish voice to the wider social action movements

  • Studio - to provide a physical space for members to hotdesk, hold meeting, and network

In addition, we host platforms which benefit the wider community:

  • Jewish Social Action Forum (JSAF) -a forum of organisations across the Jewish community to collaborate on social action campaigns.

  • JDOV Talks - a video project for creative thinkers to inspire us with the “Jewish talk of their life"

  • JHub KnowHow (coming soon) -  an online library of toolkits, publications and directories to assist the work of charities, non-profits and campaigners committed to social change.