The ‘Give It A Rest’ Vegetarian Seder in Collaboration with JW3

An innovative and interactive Second Night Seder: A Jewish Vegetarian Society and JW3 event

We are delighted to be partnering with JW3, Europe’s largest Jewish cultural centre to co-host a vegetarian Seder night on the second night of Passover in 2015.

Along with enjoying the traditional Haggadah, we will explore Shmita (the sabbatical year which started in September) and some of the themes that emerge, namely: ecological awareness, debt release, what Shmita means for animals and the connections between vegetarianism and Pesach (Passover) plus allowing the world, and ourselves, to really rest at least once every seven years. A delicious three-course vegetarian meal awaits. There will also be a vegan option on offer.

For booking contact JW3


Please note that the event programme will start at 7.15pm with drinks and introductions, and th formal seder won’t begin until nightfall, at 8:29pm. The event will end at 10.45pm.