Become a JHub member

If you would like to take advantage of the facilities that JHub has to offer then please sign up to become a Member. Membership is for individuals - as a Member you can access:

  • A place to work: bring your laptop and hotdesk in the JHub studio
  • A place to meet: reserve the JHub studio meeting room and event space
  • A place to connect: meet others in the Jewish and social change communities
  • A place to learn: participate in JHub professional development seminars and events
  • A place to find resources: Micro Grants, KnowHow and a book or two
  • A place to re-caffinate: tea and coffee on tap
  • A place to be inspired: attend JHub events, visit our residents and check out our blog

Sounds expensive?

It is, but JHub is fortunate to be fully subsidised by Pears Foundation, so you don’t pay us back. Instead, we ask you to ‘pay forward’ the value by making a contribution (financial, in-kind, or volunteering your time) to a project, initiative, or organisation furthering social change.


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