Coaching: The Essential Next Step for Professionals and Entrepreneurs of the Future

An exclusive FREE interactive workshop with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC London)

  • Have you always thought there’s more to life than what you see on a conscious level? 
  • Do you value personal growth? 
  • Do people usually come to you for advice and do you have a positive impact on them?
  • Have you heard the term ‘coaching’ but don’t know much about what it entails?
  • Is it important to you that your career is fun and flexible and offers the opportunity for you to create personal and financial freedom?

If 2 or more of these are true for you then joining our Free workshop is worthwhile.

Coaching is a profession that recognises the innate power and creativity in all of us. Success is achieved by helping clients to overcome the limits of their own minds, effectively training them how to consciously choose their experience of reality. 

Through intensive personal development work geared toward raising your level of awareness (of self and others) professional coaching and coach training provides invaluable skills in the areas of:

  • Communication;
  • Interpersonal effectiveness;
  • Emotional Intelligence; 
  • Listening;
  • Time management; and
  • Action-planning and accountability.

But coaching doesn’t just offer solutions; it is the training that helps you to learn how to repeatedly develop your own solutions and to cultivate that ability in others around you.

Ready to Learn More?
On Tuesday April 1st 2014 , you are invited to an exclusive FREE interactive workshop by former Jhub resident Nikki Levitan. Nikki is currently training to become a certified coach and working with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in London, the world’s leading Internationally Accredited Professional Coach Training Programme.

This workshop will focus on:

  • What makes coaching so powerful and how does it differ from counselling or consulting?
  • How to create the reality you want
  • How to recognise what’s blocking us from reaching our full potentials 
  • What it takes to have a great coaching conversation - including some key coaching skills and tools
  • How you can identify if coaching is for you 
  • Open Q&A session

Join us to learn more…………and come with an open mind.