Digital Campaign Training

This February half-term in partnership with JW3, we are inviting teenagers once again to join Digital Campaign Training! Could your teen be Tzedek's next digital activist?

In 4 days learn from the best digital campaigners in the field how to:

  • Use social media effectively to promote a campaign
  • Deliver a powerful pitch to professional social activists
  • Understand how to map stakeholders and plan a campaign
  • Feel empowered to launch your own initiative!

During 2 of the 4 days the participants will launch at 48 hour campaign to raise funds for a Tzedek project! 

Featuring workships with Lara Casalotti from the #Match4Lara campaing, and Social Media expert James Waddell from The Economist.

Who is this for? Students in Years 10-12

How much? £24, lunch is included 

For more information and to register: