Fundraising from Trusts and Foundations

A half day workshop for our resident organisations to help them become more successful at raising funds from trusts and foundations. 

A half day workshop for residents to help them become more successful at fundraising from trusts and foundations. Residents will go over the importance of researching prospective donors, how to develop their networks and identify connections with donors so that they can be influenced to give.

The workshop will be delivered by Susan Beck from Solid Management. Susan was most recently Director of Fundraising at The Willow Foundation, before which she was Director of Fundraising at Ambitious About Autism (formerly TreeHouse) and Corporate Fundraising Manager at EveryChild. Susan has worked directly with a wide range of major donors, securing a number of seven figure gifts and also holds a Master’s degree in Charity Marketing and Fundraising.

After the workshop Susan will be on hand to provide some one-on-one support with resident organisations. Please speak to Michelle if you are interested in booking a 45 minute slot.