The Healing Power of Doing Good - Session for Volunteer Managers

Can the way you manage your volunteers enhance the health & spiritual benefits of helping others?

JVN is delighted to invite you to an exclusive session with Dr Allan Luks, author of “The Healing Power of Doing Good" and internationally renowned for influencing the way volunteers are recruited and motivated by emphasising the health and stress reduction benefits experienced from helping others.

Allan Luks is considered among the top experts on volunteerism and how helping others can benefit one's emotions and physical health. For four decades he has directed well-known organisations dedicated to helping others. He initiated and led the passage of US laws that have had a significant impact on society ​worldwide, and authored several books that garnered praise and recognition from readers and the media alike.

While there are 19,000 nonprofit institutions in New York City, Allan Luks was named “the Nonprofit Leader of the Year” by Crain’s New York Business Magazine.

For information on Allan’s career please visit his website here.

This event is free for JVN member organisations and £5 for non-members.