Interfaith Time for a Time Limit Tent

Sunday July 5th, is both the Fast of the 17th of Tammuz, and Ramadan.  So we are joining with Imams, priest and others to demand an end to indefinite detention in the UK with a tent next to Harmondsworth Detention Centre.

The UK is the only country in Europe that does not have a time limit on how long someone can be kept in detention whilst their asylum claim is processed. The result is an ‘expensive, ineffective and unjust’ system that unnecessarily costs the UK taxpayer millions, is ineffectual in achieving its goals and treats vulnerable  individuals with a lack of dignity exacerbates and creates mental and physical health problems.

We are gathering together near the Harmondsworth Detention Centre, the biggest detention centre in the whole of Europe, as people of all faiths and none to fast, pray, listen and raise our voice in solidarity with the strangers at our gates.

It is time for the UK Government to realise this system is broken.

It is time to treat all human beings with dignity.

It is time for a time limit.

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Interfaith Time for a Time Limit Tent

When: Sunday July 5 (Ramadan and 17th of Tammuz)

Where: Nature fields 200m from Harmondsworth Detention Centre (Harmondsworth Moor)

What: 12 hours of learning/praying/fasting to end Indefinite Detention

10.00 -11.00am: Set up tents and welcome

11.00-1.00pm: Narratives from Freed Voices

1.30 – 4.00pm: Interfaith Teachings and discussions

4.00 – 6.00pm: Rest/Walk/Discuss

6.00 – 8.00pm: Moving forward (René Cassin/Detention Action)

8.00-9.00pm: Prayers/Art project

approx 9:30pm: Break the fast

Depart the Moor

Email for more information

“You are to treat the resident alien the same way you treat the native born among you—love him like yourself, since you were foreigners in the land of Egypt,” (Leviticus 19:34)

“It is not righteousness that you turn your faces to the East or the West, but truly righteous is he who believes in Allah and the Last Day and the angels and the Book and the Prophets, and spends his money for love of Him, on the kindred and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer and those who ask for charity, and for ransoming the captives”  (Al Quran 2:178)

This event is being coordinated by René Cassin and Tzelem