Limmud Conference

Bringing together over 2500 people of all ages and from across the globe, Limmud Conference offers something for everyone - whether you want to debate burning contemporary issues, jam with a band, study Torah, create art, or just renew old acquaintances and make new friends.

Conference is Limmud’s flagship event run almost entirely by volunteers. It attracts well over two thousand participants (both regulars and newcomers), consists of close to a thousand sessions over a five day period and offers the opportunity to learn in the company of an enormous variety of presenters.

Conference attracts an amazing variety of people from across the globe, from all points of the Jewish compass - from the very young to the not-so-young; from experts to the merely perplexed.

There are sessions to delight and engage, whether you want to study Torah, meet writers, argue with politicians or stay up into the small hours in the company of some of the best performers in the Jewish world.

We believe everyone can be a teacher and everyone should be a student. Limmud participants themselves are the presenters. Limmud presenters are also participants. We make no assumptions about your Jewish knowledge.

Limmud Conference is one part of a huge, world-wide community dedicated to Jewish learning in the broadest sense, a community with traditions and values, unique ways of doing things and a real existence outside its formal events.