Pardes Pop- Up Beit Midrash: US Election Post-Modern

Join us for an evening of Pardes learning, the day after the night before...

7:30 pm - Refreshments followed by a choice of:

Aviva Golbert - Where Moses Got His Gumption: Strong Women of Shemot in Bible and Midrash

From school to the cinema, we’ve been conditioned to believe that Moses was the leader of the Exodus tale. But leaders have to come from somewhere. We will explore how both the Bible and the rabbinic interpreters who wrote the Midrash believed that Moses was only a leader due to his many “mothers” - the real heroines of the story.

Daniel Roth - Pharaoh: Xenophobic-Demagogue or National-Savior?

His rise to power came at the expense of minority groups. His legacy has been an area of endless controversy. How do we understand Pharaoh's enslavement of the Israelites? How have the commentaries over the last 2000 years disagreed over interpreting his intentions? How can a study of these ideas contribute to healthier, more constructive conversations about political leaders today - especially those we don't agree with? 

9:00 pm - Special session for Jewish communal professionals & educators: Using Jewish text, Pardes-style, to add meaning and relevance to your message.

£12 in advance. £15 at the door. 

Aviva Golbert is the Assistant Director of the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators. 
Rabbi Dr. Daniel Roth is the Director of the Pardes Center for Judaism & Conflict Resolution.