Polarity Management in Family Foundations

Managing unsolvable problems

Should organisations focus on planning or action? Should managers be clear or flexible? Should leaders reward effort or delivery? Obviously, the answer to all of these questions is both. Each of these dilemmas contains a “polarity to manage” as opposed to a “problem to solve.” Often when an organisation is facing chronic ongoing tensions, it’s because there is an underlying polarity at work which needs to be recognised and managed better. Traditional problem solving techniques will not work if there is a polarity at play. Other tools are needed.

Polarity Management is a tool that helps senior managers to map, analyse and understand these ongoing chronic tensions and learn how to work with them and use them to their advantage. The workshop will include an introduction to Polarities, learning how to “map” them, and sharing case studies that apply polarity thinking to addressing specific ongoing challenges in your own organisation.

This course will be taught by JHub Director Shoshana Boyd Gelfand and is open to invited attendees only.

If you are interested in attending a future Polarity Management course please contact your Grant Manager.