Reshet: 21st Century Teens Conference

Reshet is cross-communal, supporting Jewish youth work throughout the UK. Reshet was instigated by UJIA and the Jewish Leadership Council. With up-to-date youth work events, training courses and blogs, Reshet brings together a space for parents, young people and informal Jewish educators to access information about the widest range of informal education opportunities.

Reshet’s inaugural conference:

engaging, enriching and inspiring

21st Century Teens

“Rejoice in your youth” Kohellet, 11:10

A free two day conference (non-residential)

Reshet welcomes you to its first informal Jewish youth conference

Sunday 28th February: Baden Powell House, Kensington

Monday 29th February:  Arts Depot, Finchley

Join us for either day or for both

We are delighted to welcome young people from across the community to share their insights, together with the additional expertise of:

Dr David Bryfman, The Jewish Education Project 

Scott Fried, Youth Educator

Shelley Marsh, Reshet

The conference offers opportunities for lay leaders and Jewish informal education professionals to engage with academic research, network and hear from young people, allowing lay leaders to maximise their own learning.

We look forward to welcoming you to the first UK conference on informal Jewish youth provision in nearly 20 years!

To register for this FREE event follow this link