The Role of Education in Creating a Shared Future for Israel's Arab & Jewish Citizens

Join the UK Task Force and The Abraham Fund Initiatives to hear about the importance of new programmes being undertaken in Israel’s education system to create a shared society.

Israel’s public education system is comprised of multiple streams for distinct population groups within Israel, including secular, Orthodox, and Arab. The curriculum is nearly identical across the streams, except for the primary language of instruction and some differences in the humanities subjects. In addition to these streams, a small group of bilingual schools have recently been established.

Although investment in the Arab education system has increased, particularly in recent years, significant gaps remain in both academic performance and overall educational attainment between the Hebrew and Arabic-speaking school systems. These gaps are due to many factors, including the generally low socio-economic rankings of Arab localities in Israel, unequal budget allocations, and cultural traditions within Arab society.

Through various new initiatives within and across the distinct education streams, both government and civil society actors have endeavoured to close the gaps in the Israeli education system.

We will be joined by Hazar Hussein and Amnon Be’eri-Sulitzeanu of The Abraham Fund Initiatives, a leading Israeli organisation working to promote equality and build a shared future for Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens.
Hazar and Amnon will present on the current state of Arab education in Israel, and the work being done to close educational gaps and instill values of shared citizenship and society.

Amnon Be’eri-Sulitzteanu has been the Co-Executive Director of The Abraham Fund Initiatives since 2004. From 1996-2004, Mr. Be’eri-Sulitzeanu served as the Director of Marketing Communications at the Jerusalem Foundation, where he worked to initiate and develop educational, cultural and social enterprises in Jerusalem. Prior to this, from 1992-1996, he served as the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption under Minister Yair Tsaban (Meretz). Amongst other tasks, he was active in developing and communicating public policy during the massive waves of immigration from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia.

Hazar Hussein is the Director of Education for a Shared Society at The Abraham Fund Initiatives. She runs groundbreaking language and cultural programs across Israel’s Jewish and Arab elementary school sector, aimed at building a more inclusive, equal society in Israel. Hazar has extensive experience working with civil society organizations that use educational frameworks as the springboard to social change in Israel. She has developed and implemented numerous grassroots educational projects which foster dialogue, and improve relations between Jewish and Arab young people in Israel. Hazar holds a BA in Sociology and Human Resource Management from Bar Ilan University.


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