Speak Up For The Love of Climate Change

Celebrate all the things you love that could be affected by climate change, hear from some fantastic speakers - and be part of the UK’s biggest ever climate change lobby. Sign up below to stay updated and find out more.

The things we love are threatened by climate change - but we can protect them by urging politicians to act.

Now there's a new Parliament, we've got a unique opportunity to get climate change right to the top of the political agenda. In June, come and meet your MP and tell them why fighting climate change matters to you.

What? A day of action on climate change. Thousands of us will come together from across the UK to celebrate all that we love, and meet our representatives to ask them to commit to strong action on climate change during this crucial year.

Where? Palace of Westminster, Central London.

When? Wednesday 17th June, 1pm-5:30pm

But I've never lobbied my MP before! How does it work?

Don't worry. Our friends at the Climate Coalition have produced this helpful guide to walk you through the whole process. If you've got any questions, email Richard, our Campaigns Manager, on rv@wjr.org.uk

How will we fill the whole day?!

There will be lots of things going on. Check out the guide to the day.

Be sure not to miss the giant interfaith activity in Archbishop’s Park - we are inviting people of all faiths to share a message or your prayers on our giant colourful heart installation!

These messages will be taken to world leaders ahead of climate change negotiations in Paris in December. Bring along friends, family and colleagues to enjoy a picnic, sign the heart or take a selfie with the giant heart!

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