The State of Education & Employment Among Arab Citizens of Israel

Join the UK Task Force and Tel Aviv University Trust for an illuminating discussion on the opportunities and challenges that face the Arab sector with regard to the Israeli educational system and workforce.

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Dr. Dan Ben-David is one of Israel’s leading macro-economists. In addition to teaching at Tel Aviv University, serving as an adviser to both the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation, he has briefed Israeli cabinet ministers, Knesset committees, and other high-ranking policy-makers on Israel’s long-term socio-economic trends.

Dr. Dan Ben-David has been researching Israel’s demographic and socio-economic policies, as well as their long-term implications for over two decades. Dr. Ben-David has warned that poverty rates in Israel are among the highest in the developed world and that inequality in Israel is also at an all-time high. According to his extensive policy research, the main reason behind these trends are that the state does not provide the growing Arab population with tools needed to enter the modern workforce, and that the gaps between population groups are exacerbated by the provision of sub-standard education for the minority sectors.

Join us to hear Dan Ben-David discuss the policy changes that must be made to integrate Arab citizens of Israel into quality employment in the Israeli workforce, and what such success would mean for the future of Israel.

Light kosher refreshments will be served.

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