What do Pears Foundation actually do?

A new website and new look

"What does the foundation actually do?" A question Pears Foundation director, Amy Braier, says she always gets asked. In order to refine their messaging and share the foundation's philosophy, they decided to bring the Pears Foundation story to life with a new look and a new website. Check it out here:  www.pearsfoundation.org.uk

This is a great opportunity to tell you a bit about the why and how JHub came to be.

JHub is the Foundation's only operating programme and embodies the Foundation's commitment to Jewish identity as a force for driving positive social change. It supports positive Jewish identity and social change in five ways: residency, microgrants, training, networking and JDOV, an online video project. 

The flagship project of JHub is its residency programme, open to emerging small charities and social enterprises. JHub resident organisations are provided with physical office space in an open-plan setting that encourages interaction and peer learning between organisations. 

In addition to office space and equipment, JHub also provides residents with seed funding, professional development seminars, networking opportunities and organisational development consultancy. Perhaps most valuable, however, is that residents of JHub have the invaluable opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience from each other.

Since JHub was established in 2008 it has incubated and exited a number of successful organisations that use Jewish values to promote social change, including Tzedek, Mitzvah Day and The Bike Project. Other current JHub residents - such as Moishe House, PJ Library and Jewish Interactive - are part of a global network of innovative organisations experimenting with building community and Jewish identity. Still others are initiatives started by Pears Foundation, such as First Give and the UK Task Force on issues relating to Arab Citizens of Israel. Through JHub, Pears Foundation provides all of these organisations with the resources, support and space they need to develop and thrive. 

The vibrant atmosphere of JHub has led to it becoming a phsycial and practical focal point for like-minded organisations to come together and accomplish more than they could alone. It also serves as a hub of inspiration to professionals and activists in the Jewish community who want to benefit from microgrants, training seminars, networking, and peer learning opportunities. 

In addition, JHub provides thought-leadership through its own innovative project, JDOV. Inspired by TED Talks, JDOV is an online video project that invites inspiring speakers to share their Jewish Dreams, Observations, and Visions with the world. Over a hundred videos currently sit on the website with thousands of views each month, creating a unique online space for reflection and inspiration on issues of identity. 

"For me, JHub is a physical space that embodies the values of the Pears Foundation perfectly: it's a professional space that is proudly Jewish without being parochial; a learning space that is constantly refining itself and growing; a passionate space that has a can-do attitude, and most of all, a socially conscious space where people are just doing their small bit to repair the world in whatever way they can." Shoshana Boyd Gelfand, Director of JHub.

Watch this video of Trevor Pears sharing the foundation's vision in his own words

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